Meta Analysis

Instructor: Victor Willson
Professor, Texas A&M University
Phone: (979) 845-1394
Course Time: May 18 [1:30 to 5:30 pm]
Course Location: Harrington Education Center Tower (EDCT), Room 632

This four-hour short course will review basic methods for meta-analysis of research. Topics will include:

  1. Problem finding and selection;
  2. Literature search procedures using electronic and branching library searches;
  3. Search limitation strategies;
  4. Development of variables and coding menus as an interactive process;
  5. Basic computation and descriptive procedures;
  6. Homogeneity analysis using HLM and Q-statistics;
  7. Covariation of effects with categorical and interval study variables;
  8. Special topics:
  • missing data,
  • multilevel models, and
  • aggregating findings from previous meta-analyses.

Examples from the presenter's recent meta-analyses will be presented and discussed.


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