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Confidence Interval Confidence intervals (.95, .99) for various samples from a single sampling distribution are displayed. Confidence Interval
Correlation View and compare scatterplots for different magnitudes of correlation.  See how changes in the scatterplot impact on the calculation of coefficients. Correlation/Regression
Data Generator Generate sample data that conforms to user-defined population parameters.  The sample data then can be cut and pasted into other applets (i.e., correlation and regression) for further analysis. Frequency distribution
Effect Size This applet can be used to demonstrate that even a "small" effect can be important under some circumstances. Effect Size
Normal Distribution Under the assumption of a standard normal distribution of scores, see how probabilities can be attached to specific occurrences within the distribution to address questions of the form "How likely is it to be the case that ...?" Normal Distribution
Probability Illustrate concepts (theoretical - empirical) underlying binomial and normal distributions. Probability
Sampling Distributions This Java applet lets you explore various aspects of sampling distributions. Sampling Distribution