Standard Normal Distriution

Authors:  Arlen Strader and Bob Hall, Texas A&M University

From this application you can

  • scale the normal curve according to specific means and standard deviations,
  • change any of the values in the z-score formula and see the resulting changes depicted on the normal curve,
  • specify an exact amount of area under the curve and then see the corresponding standard- and raw-score values, and
  • return exact areas between two raw- or standard-score values.
Standard Normal Distribution Instructions:
  • The blue values in the applet represent the mean of the distribution. The mean appears in the formulas on the left, the statistics on the right, and the middle line on the graph.
  • The light green represents the standard deviation and appears in the formula and on each side of the mean in the graph.
  • Change the values of the statistics ( mean and standard deviation ) by clicking on the value on either side of the graph or through the input boxes at the bottom.
  • Change the values of the x and z scores by clicking on the values below the graph or by dragging the corresponding bars in the graph.